Questions about your application?

You can send any doubts or suggestions to info@iciq-impulsion.eu or by filling out the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to contact a Group Leader at ICIQ to prepare my application?

The applicant has freedom to choose any of the project topics available for the call, see them here. If you are interested in applying for a I2:ICIQ Impulsion Fellowship to work on one of the project topics, please contact the main supervisor(s) and the project manager (info@iciq-impulsion.eu). More information on the research activities of each group can be found on the ICIQ website as well as detailed information about ICIQ scientific facilities.

How many ICIQ:Impulsion Fellowships are available?

In total we offer 12 fellowships divided in three calls. In this call, up to 5 fellowships are available.

How many applications can be submitted?

Only one application can be submitted per call per person.

Which nationalities are eligible for the fellowships?

All nationalities are eligible but at the time of application you may not have resided or carried out your main activity in Spain for more than twelve months in the three years immediately prior to the deadline for submission of proposals. Short stays such as holidays are not taken into account. Therefore, those candidates that on 30 April 2021 have spent more than 12 months in Spain, during the period between 5 September 2018 and 5 September 2021, will not be eligible.

Is there an age limit for applications?

No, there is no age limit but the eligibility criteria have to be met: candidates must have been awarded the doctoral degree no more than four years before the call deadline (measured from the date the PhD was secured through successful defence). Exceptions will be made for documented periods of parental leave or serious illness. Other equivalent exceptions may be considered when properly documented and motivated by the applicant.

Can I apply before finishing my PhD?

No, eligible candidates must have at least one year of postdoctoral experience and should be able to properly justify it. Please note that a copy of the PhD title and certified proof of one year of postdoctoral experience (letter from the institution and/or research group, research contracts, etc.) should be provided by the selected candidates before their admission.

Is it possible to update my application after the submission, e.g. if a paper has been accepted?

No, there will not be the possibility to modify the application or to add missing documentation after the call deadline.

Is the I2: ICIQ Impulsion Fellowship compatible with other grants or work?

The fellowship cannot be held simultaneously with other fellowship of any kind. In this case, fellows are expected to work regularly on their research project, which implies full time dedication. Other responsibilities than research, such outreach or training activities, can be carried out.

Is it possible to obtain a fellowship for a short-term stay?

No, the duration of the fellowship is 24 months, to carry out a research project with full-time dedication.

Which are the contractual conditions of employment?

Two years labor contract for the performance of a research project with an average of 35,250 € yearly gross salary with full security coverage. Please note that the gross salary is subject to taxes and social security deductions according to the familiar status of each employee. In addition, employer costs are subject to annual variations according to the Spanish working law, which might represent slight variations in the gross salary. See Working Conditions for additional information.

How do the secondments work?

The secondment phase can be a single period or be divided into shorter mobility periods and in one institution only or in different entities if it significantly adds to the impact of the fellowship.

During the secondment(s), the fellow will be considered ICIQ employee at the partner organisation and will receive a secondment allowance in addition to the gross salary. ICIQ will pay 1.000 € per month if the partner organisation is located outside Spain and 500 € per month if the partner organisation is located in Spain. This allowance will amount to a maximum of 6.000 € depending on the duration of the secondment.

Are there any measures to foster the successful integration of researchers affected by conflicts around the world?

In line with the commitment of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) of the EU Horizon 2020 programme to ensure that equal opportunities are provided to researchers whose scientific careers have been interrupted due to armed conflicts, the following measures will be implemented:

Career breaks caused by forced displacements due to armed conflicts will be counted to extend the eligibility limit of 4 years after the award of the PhD degree.

For refugees under the Geneva Convention, the refugee procedure (i.e. before refugee status is conferred) will not be counted as ‘period of residence/activity’ in Spain when assessing whether the candidate has spent more than 12 months in Spain prior to recruitment.

Specific topics related to social and professional resettlement of researchers affected by a conflict will be included in the personalized training programme.

Will I get support with administrative affairs (visa, accommodation, etc) if my candidature is accepted?

Yes, you will receive support from ICIQ’s HR and administrative units. Moreover, the administrative support of the research groups helps the new researchers with personal matters such as getting the health card and information about the health system, the identity number and card, the national tax system, visa issues and housing.

How do I submit my application?

Visit the online application platform and check the Guide for Applicants.

Can I send all or part of the documentation by mail?

No, the documentation can only be attached to the application using the online application platform.